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Immersive programs and experiences that inspire, teach, and bring joy through music.

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In a world that often feels divided, it can feel hard to continually find ways to expand our kids’ bubbles…but it doesn’t have to be that way.

With Peace Culture Music, our students are exposed to different cultures, diversify their perspectives, and are given access to the world beyond the walls of their classrooms. Using musical instruments and cultural experiences from across the globe, we aim to teach everyone how to dream a little bigger, love a little harder, and approach everything with curiosity.

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What if you could bring joy, connection, and a new perspective to life…

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From small groups to large assemblies, Peace Culture Music was designed with your unique needs in mind. No matter the size, age group, or place, we’ll bring the energy and rare musical instruments to you so your students learn how to unite in rhythm, and find the joy, wonder, and curiosity in it all.

Not at a school? We’d love to talk anyways — we bring the experience of Peace Culture Music everywhere that needs it.

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My Story

As I’ve traversed the globe, I’ve immersed myself into musical culture at every step. During my experience as a world-class (and world-traveling) musician, I’ve collected hundreds of rare musical instruments and countless musical experiences. Using my global experience (and collection of musical tools), I started Peace Culture Music to help every human and global citizen learn in an interactive, inspiring way.

music teacher, Experience facilitator, and world traveler.

I’m Daniel Scruggs

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Musical teacher education to help you energize, inspire, and foster a love of culture and music for all.

Specialized offerings and interactive experiences focused around global instruments, cultural traditions, capoeira, yoga, travel, and more.

Teacher Training


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 Hands-on musical education for everyone from educators to retirees and everyone in between.

Immersive, exciting musical education and programming to add wonder and joy to every child’s music experience.

Adults and elders

Youth and schools

Using musical instruments and cultural experiences from across the globe, Peace Culture Music teaches everyone to dream a little bigger, love a little harder, and lean into curiosity. We crafted our offerings to expand your worldviews, deepen your joy, and forge stronger connections. Here’s how we do it:

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My approach and unique programming come from years as a musician, traveler, and educator — and the work I do with my clients and students leans on that experience. When you work with me, you’ll be getting a high-touch experience truly unparalleled in the enrichment space itself.

We do things differently here

An experience for all age groups, interests, dreams, and passions — forge new bonds with group drumming and world rhythm experiences through “djembe” style drums.

Unite through
music —

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Ignite your curiosity by learning stories of traditional cultures and marveling at geological and musical treasures from around the world.

Become a better global citizen

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Our expansive instrument catalogue and museum spans both time and the globe resulting in a fully immersive lesson.

Experience 150+ rare musical instruments

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Join us at Peace Culture Music to bring the best of immersive musical education and experiences to everyone.

Musical education that speaks to every soul

Drum circles have been a powerful way to connect humans with rhythm for thousands of years. Find the perfect fit for your community experience here.

Connection and rhythm

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A dungchen is an ancient instrument from Tibet. Its sound is compared to the singing of elephants!

Daniel’s museum has over 150 instruments from 6 continents. 

What is a Dungchen?

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Peace Culture Music has taught workshops in 6 countries. Click to read some of the thank you letters that Daniel has received from all over the world!

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This Monsoon Box based off an ancient South American indigenous rainstick is a potent example of the unbreakable ties between music & culture. 

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